Hiking Essentials and Tips – The Best Boots and Gear to Use

hiking essentials

Today we would like to talk about essentials to bring with you on your next hiking trip. What do you think is the most important thing when you hike? Well, the most important thing is to bring plenty of drinking water. This is the one thing you really suffer if you are short of. One thing you can use is a Camelback, which is a bladder of water which you slip inside the pack. Carrying it is going to be pretty easy, and of course the beauty of this system and other systems like it is that you can sip on water while you’re walking, so it slips inside the pack and the nozzle pokes out and it is positioned conveniently to have a sip while you are walking.

Important Tips Before Hiking

So what is important before you start walking, have a big drink of water, hydrate before you even start, and keep drinking all the way through. You can’t get short of water around here I think the next most important item is sun protection because the sun when hiking can be incredibly intense, especially in the hotter months. You will suffer sorely if you do not protect yourself from the sun.

You need a good hat, a scarf is a good idea to protect the neck, lightweight trousers, long sleeve shirt, and even finger less gloves are good for protecting your hands from the heat of the sun, and of course sunscreen. Keep it on hand in a side pocket of the pack and ensure that the bits that aren’t covered by clothing. When it comes to your feet, quality hiking boots are really important. If you’re a guy, you can find some of the best hiking boots for men in 2019 from LYA here. Also, sunglasses are very important as well because it can be brutal sometimes in the sun, it can be very very hot, so it’s very important that you protect yourself, so you certainly want to carry a first aid kit with at least a collection of band-aids of various sizes. Triangular bandages, regular bandages, compression bandages for sprained ankles, or serious cuts and some anti-septic.

How to Cool Down When Hiking

You can cool down very quickly when you stop moving. What you need is a space blanket, very light, but very effective in keeping the body warmth in. and it’s also very effective in creating a high visibility item that allows you to be found more easily by rescuers or by your fellow hikers if you become separated. For that we always also have a safety vest with us in case anything happens. Wearing one will really make you stand out in the desert, which is a good thing to have with you at all times, along with a whistle. So if you’re in trouble, attracting attention is of course important. Other ways to attract attention is with a mirror, and some compasses have a mirror built-in into it. A mirror is very effective on a bright day for attracting attention from many many kilometers away.

At night a flashlight is also effective for attracting attention from a long way away and of course a head torch is also very good if you stayed out later than expected. Another thing you can do is you make a small fire, which is very visible in the daytime, you can make smoke that attracts attention so that covers the visibility components. Lastly, you can bring some hiking poles in case of an injury. Imagine you sprain your ankle, which I have done in the past, and it is not easy to get out of the field without additional support, especially when you are by yourself, so these hiking poles really give you essential support to find your way back to a road or to your car.