Games every soldier can have fun with

The soldiers are responsible for the protection of their country, therefore, they spent most of their time on the borders to guard against the enemy attacks. During this time they don’t have any source of entertainment with them and they start getting bored by watching the same things again and again. The soldiers that are appointed on some sensitive locations are not allowed to use any kind of devices that may distract their attention.

However, the soldiers that are sitting in the camps for the rest can get engaged in several entertaining activities to get rid of the boredom. The nature of the soldiers is a bit different than the others because they spent most of their time practicing with guns and bombs. Therefore, the soldiers are interested in watching movies and videos where weapons are commonly used. The problem is that there are only a few movies that are made on this topic due to which the soldiers can’t find a solution that can keep them entertained all the time. Click Here and see some games that soldiers can play.

However, the gaming industry has focused on the needs of the soldiers and has developed several interesting games for them so that they can stay entertained while sitting in their camps. As the intro relates, we are going to talk about the games that are related to the soldiers. For example, there are many soldiers that regularly play The Bomb It Game at Friv Games to spend their time. So, we are also going to information about the games that are good for the soldiers. Don’t forget to share this information with your soldier friends so that they can enjoy playing games while they’re away from their family.

Call Of Duty WWII

It is one of the best games of the present era. It involves the use of several latest weapons at a higher level. There are many gamers that are regularly playing this game to achieve a higher level. It is a perfect game for the soldiers as they can understand the features of different guns and bombs that are being used all around the world. They can also learn to plan several strategies with the help of this game.

Bravo Team

It is another interesting game that was launched last year. There are many latest guns and bombs used in this game. The soldiers can play this game to have fun with their favorite gun and they can fire as many shots as they want without having to worry about their commander’s response. The traps used in this game are also a great way of entertainment for the soldiers.


The game was launched in 2005 but it is still very popular among many soldiers because it is based upon some real-life events and soldiers play this game to experience the difficulties that soldiers had to face in the past. The game is specially developed for people that are interested in using guns, therefore, it is a perfect option for the soldiers. Click here and take a look at the games that soldiers can play in their spare time.

Best military gear for soldiers on a field

Keeping a decent military gear on a field can make or break your performance as a soldier. A real field experience is something you cannot be prepared to by learning or reading about it. There are no hot showers, no beds, no warm meals. Often you’re left with yourself and your ability to survive with little that you’ve got.Military Bags

Still, there are a few ways to make yourself prepared for most situations you’ll be experiencing. Let’s dive into some of them (and you can check out the rest here and here).

Know the terrain

When you’re going to a terrain you’ve never been before, it’s good to know as much about it as you can. Do your research to get prepared properly. Some areas are more accurate than the others; knowing the climate, weather patterns, and characteristics of flora and fauna can help you to make your military gear.

Supply with water and food

If you’re deployed to a desert, the greatest risk you’ll face is dehydration. In fact, there’s no way having too much water with you. You should bring something that will keep you energized through the day. However, bringing food can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re going to places with a warm climate and high temperatures. But, you can always have some canned food that won’t get bad easily.

Get warm

Military BagsThere is a small chance that you’ll be sleeping in a warm and cosy bed while you’re on a field. Bringing a Woobie (a.k.a the single most relevant piece of equipment for soldiers) will make you feel warm when you need it the most. At least, you’ll forget that you’re sleeping on the ground for a while.

Bring a reliable bag

Military Bags are as important as any other piece of equipment for your deployment. You need a bag that can handle the weight. You want a bag that feels lightweight even when you load it with heavy gear. A bag with a lot of compartments and add-ons that will help you store your guns, knives, and other stuff is a must when going to a field.

Don’t forget the first aid kit

Every soldier and Marine needs a first aid kit, but they usually don’t know what things to include in it. Besides some regular stuff like bandages and wipes, you should also bring bandanas, duct tape – sounds crazy, right? Compression straps and super-glue should be included in the list. Some of those will save your life on the field, no matter how silly you think they sound or look.

Boots and socksmilitary bags

There’s no such thing as comfort when you’re out on the field, so every experienced soldier will tell you that a solid pair of boots and socks is a must on a field. Since you’ll be walking and running for hours, your feet need the right support throughout that time.

What do soldiers eat out in the field?

Soldiers are very innovative when it comes to acquiring ways of improving their diets when out in the fields. Mostly, the army supplies food to their soldiers using logistic methods, but soldiers always find better alternatives.  In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most common foods soldiers turn to while in combat.

Cpl. David Silva, of the 511th Military Police Co., passes a package of food supplies to an Iraqi police officer in Zuwerijat, a district of Al Kut, Iraq, April 30.

1. Combat Rations

Combat Rations are ready to eat meals which are very basic and tend to be boring.  However, new products are coming to the market, such as XMRE Meals, which attempt to vastly improve upon the old bland combat ration meals of the past.  They come in handy when they’re on the move since every kilogram that they carry with them counts. Other soldiers prefer taking canned food as a substitute for rations. To make rations lighter, they are dehydrated, so water is added before eating them, or they drink plenty after eating. On the other hand, canned food is easier to prepare, they only open the tins, warm the food and eat.

2. Mobile kitchens

Battalions in the field have their field kitchens which receive their supplies from food carriers. Sometimes the food is delivered in raw and uncooked form when the units in the field are too far away from the camp. Most military forces rarely use mobile kitchens in combat operations since it’s easier to supply every individual with ready to eat meals. Sometimes these rations supplies break down, and soldiers are forced to consider other alternatives

3. Cooking for themselves

In the field, there are plenty of empty houses and soldiers can easily find some abandoned food in the houses like rice and eggs for making soup.

4. Let civilians do the cooking

During major offensive operations, soldiers usually hire some civilians to do the cooking for them. They would instruct the civilians to cook what they wanted and later eat the cooked food

5. Buying food from the locals

In most cases, the battle fields are not deserted. There are small shops and local vendors where soldiers can find themselves something to eat. Or others visit farmers and buy food from them

6. Abandoned animals

Many farmers leave their livestock when escaping war. Soldiers usually catch, kill and cook these animals. Others prefer roasting since it’s much fun than cooking.

7. Hunting

While in the wilderness, soldiers go hunting for wild animals. These animals are usually used for food, and their skins are used for camouflage.

8. Fishing

Some soldiers catch fish using hand grenades. Hand grenades are thrown into the water killing fish which are collected for food.

As the saying goes, good food equals to high morale. Sadly, most soldiers are not innovative when it comes to food they eat while out in the fields. However, nobody can stop a wise soldier from being creative and spicing up his meals by finding alternatives!