What do soldiers eat out in the field?

Soldiers are very innovative when it comes to acquiring ways of improving their diets when out in the fields. Mostly, the army supplies food to their soldiers using logistic methods, but soldiers always find better alternatives.  In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most common foods soldiers turn to while in combat.

Cpl. David Silva, of the 511th Military Police Co., passes a package of food supplies to an Iraqi police officer in Zuwerijat, a district of Al Kut, Iraq, April 30.

1. Combat Rations

Combat Rations are ready to eat meals which are very basic and tend to be boring.  However, new products are coming to the market, which attempt to vastly improve upon the old bland combat ration meals of the past.  They come in handy when they’re on the move since every kilogram that they carry with them counts. Other soldiers prefer taking canned food as a substitute for rations. To make rations lighter, they are dehydrated, so water is added before eating them, or they drink plenty after eating. On the other hand, canned food is easier to prepare, they only open the tins, warm the food and eat.

2. Mobile kitchens

Battalions in the field have their field kitchens which receive their supplies from food carriers. Sometimes the food is delivered in raw and uncooked form when the units in the field are too far away from the camp. Most military forces rarely use mobile kitchens in combat operations since it’s easier to supply every individual with ready to eat meals. Sometimes these rations supplies break down, and soldiers are forced to consider other alternatives

3. Cooking for themselves

In the field, there are plenty of empty houses and soldiers can easily find some abandoned food in the houses like rice and eggs for making soup.

4. Let civilians do the cooking

During major offensive operations, soldiers usually hire some civilians to do the cooking for them. They would instruct the civilians to cook what they wanted and later eat the cooked food

5. Buying food from the locals

In most cases, the battle fields are not deserted. There are small shops and local vendors where soldiers can find themselves something to eat. Or others visit farmers and buy food from them

6. Abandoned animals

Many farmers leave their livestock when escaping war. Soldiers usually catch, kill and cook these animals. Others prefer roasting since it’s much fun than cooking.

7. Hunting

While in the wilderness, soldiers go hunting for wild animals. These animals are usually used for food, and their skins are used for camouflage.

8. Fishing

Some soldiers catch fish using hand grenades. Hand grenades are thrown into the water killing fish which are collected for food.

As the saying goes, good food equals to high morale. Sadly, most soldiers are not innovative when it comes to food they eat while out in the fields. However, nobody can stop a wise soldier from being creative and spicing up his meals by finding alternatives!